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Ministerstvo pro místní rozvoj

Code Title Start year End year
Scientific - research cooperation on development of eco-transport in Czech-Polish cross boarder area 2020 2021

Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu

Code Title Start year End year
CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/20_321/0024298 Research and development of a low-emission boiler without electrical connection working on the principle of biomass gasification 2021 2023
CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/19_262/0020077 Separation of RAP - ekological application 2020 2022
EG17_176/0015702 Research and Development of SMART business management Apllication 2019 2022
FV40411 Optimization of process intelligence of parking system for Smart City 2019 2022

Moravskoslezský kraj

Code Title Start year End year
07116/2020/DSH Vybudování výzkumné infrastruktury - Centra Energetických a Enviromentálních Technologií - Explorer 2020 2023

Technologická agentura

Code Title Start year End year
SS01010257 Development of tools to minimise the risks of air contamination by respirable asbestos fibres released from the rock environment by human activities 2020 2023
SS01020432 Environmental impact assessment of coal dumps 2020 2022
TK03020027 Centrum energetických a enviromentálních technologií 2020 2021
TK02030039 Energy System for Grids 2019 2023
TH04020180 Reaction Vessel Development for Cultivation Algae with grow light LED using Carbon Dioxide from Biogas. 2019 2022
TK02010187 Research on the potential of hydrogen technologies for transformation of energy mix of Moravian-silesian region (MSK), low-carbon energy and development of low-emission mobility 2019 2022
TN01000007 National Centre for Energy 2019 2022
TH04010239 Increased savings and efficiency of parking systems for vehicles 2019 2021
TJ02000031 Bezkontaktní detektor částečných výbojů pro distribuční vedení VN 2019 2021
TJ02000157 Optimization of the electrical distribution system operating parameters using artificial intelligence 2019 2021
TJ02000327 Identification of dust particles in street dust and technological measures to reduce emitted street dust in the cities 2019 2021
TJ02000333 Research and optimization of production process and mechanical properties of raw materials in magnetic hard ferrites production. 2019 2021
TK02020099 Research and realization of prototype of a multifunctional mobile autonomous hybrid energy container of heat pumps air / water - water , with progressive autonomous energy management 2019 2021
TL01000274 Publish and Flourish: Publication Activity Support for PhD Students and their Supervisors 2018 2021