ENET Centre has unique laboratory facilities and equipment. It is staffed with experienced researchers working on the development of a secure and reliable energy platform to ensure energy self-sufficiency and raw material self-reliance of a region or country. This is motivated by efforts to make an effective use of wastes, and maximum exploitation of local renewable resources. The concept is supported by energy accumulation means to control energy flows and uses sophisticated methods of artificial intelligence. The research and development is in accordance with the national and EU energy concepts, and ranks among technologies of Industry 4.0.

ENET Centre also focuses on the priorities stipulated in Horizont 2020 and is preparing projects to meet the calls dealing with new technologies in renewable resources and energy accumulation, Smart Grids and Smart Cities.

Currently, ENET Centre is running a project called:
„LO1404 – Sustainable Development of ENET Centre“.

prof. Ing. Stanislav Mišák, Ph.D. – director of ENET Centre


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Kaggle announced a global competition to develop prediction algorithms to detect faults in insulated conductors. The fault state database was produced by researchers from ENET Centre. Teams from all over the world have three months to develop an algorithm to predicts faults. It is a prestigeous competition with a global impact.